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CBD Infused Gummies 1500mg – 25mg Per Gummy
CBD Infused Gummies 1500mg – 25mg Per Gummy

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CBD Infused Gummies 1500mg – 25mg Per Gummy
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CBD Infused Gummies 1500mg – 25mg Per Gummy

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CBD Infused Gummies 1500mg

With our extra-large pack of CBD-infused gummies, you won’t run out. You’ll get all the benefits of our broad-spectrum CBD, in four fantastic flavours: apple, mango, blueberry and watermelon. With 25mg of CBD in each treat, these gummies are a great way to get your daily supplements on the go.

Type: Gummy

CBD concentration: 1500mg

Candy: 25g

Amount of candy: 30

THC concentration: Below 0.2%


  • Suitable for those who want to improve the quality of life in general.
  • Also ideal for treating sleep problems, stress disorders, anxiety or stress, or treating widespread pain.
  • It helps children with ADHD.

Can I Eat CBD Gummy Every Day?

You need to eat the gummies on an empty stomach (or 4 to 5 hours after your last meal). You can start by eating a lollipop once or twice a day and check how you react to it before you decide to consume more. You can take the Gummy for breakfast and 3-4 hours before bedtime. You should not consume CBD gummies and go to bed immediately after because it may raise the heart’s pulse and stimulate alertness. Consuming CBD gummies in precise dosages can lead to a good night’s rest.

What Are The Effects Of Eating CBD Gummy?

CBD gummies are loved by many because they get to indulge in sweets while experiencing the excellent benefits of CBD. In general, CBD gummies are enriched, and the effects last longer. We recommend consuming the gummies in the morning, during the day, and before bedtime – because they can cause alertness during the day. We recommend new consumers start at a low dose (about 15-20%).

NOTE: CBD is not a drug that produces results quickly and immediately, but its effects appear over time. You will have to take CBD daily and consistently for a few weeks before experiencing the full merits of CBD.


CBD gummies are delicious and have a lasting effect as compared to other products such as CBD oil. Also, the fact that the gummies are digested in the digestive tract makes for a compelling experience. You can take the gummies several times a day – consumption of CBD enriched sweets provides a calm and serene experience. CBD gummies contain a less than 0.2% THC concentration and are in the legal range without the need for a medical cannabis license – and have little or no side effects. 

Happy Garden’s CBD gummies go through a process of refinement to remove the tantalizing effects and viscous characteristics – and our customers can testify to its wonderful aroma and taste.


  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we strongly advise you to consult with a doctor/nurse before consuming any CBD products.
  • We prohibit the sale of any of our products to minors.
  • Do not use it in cases of cannabis, CBD, or THC allergy.
  • This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease.
  • Our product contains THC at a concentration of less than 0.2%, within the legal limit.
  • Allergen Information: We package our products in a factory where there may be peanut residue, wheat, soy, or dairy products.

Components: The product contains 30 units of vegetarian candy rubber, CBD sugar cane, light corn syrup, organic apple pectin, apples, MCT oil, vegetable gum, broad cannabis extract, organic cannabis oil. Each candy contains 25 ml of CBD.

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