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CBD OIL 24% – 10ml
CBD OIL 24% – 10ml

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CBD OIL 24% – 10ml
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CBD OIL 24% – 10ml

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Happy Garden
Happy Garden
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10 September 2021
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Upgrade to our most powerful potency with Happy Garden’s CBD oil. Created using a full-spectrum process, this oil is rich in cannabinoids to enhance the effect of CBD, but without the THC that causes the ‘high’. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this is a safe and simple way to get relief from pain and anxiety.

Type: Oil

CBD concentration: 24%

THC concentration: Below 0,2%

Effects: Cannabis oil/CBD is suitable for patients who need a high dose and rapid results. It is intended to treat people who want to improve their daily functioning and suffer from severe pain. It is also suitable for various chronic symptoms like Crohn’s / fibromyalgia and effective rehabilitation after injuries/surgeries.

How To Correctly Consume CBD Oil?

We recommend dripping the oil on the spoon metal before ingestion – because taking it directly into the mouth may contaminate the nozzle. Drip the oil into a spoon, squat the fluid under your tongue. Many capillaries and mucous membranes below the tongue allow efficient and rapid absorption of the CBD directly to your bloodstream. Allow the liquids to stay in the area under the tongue for a while, then swallow it all. Taking drops of oil on the top of the tongue can impair the quality of the experience of consuming the product. Do not eat, drink coffee or smoke a half-hour after ingestion to preserve the taste of cannabis and allow better absorption of CBD in your bloodstream.

CBD oil is the most popular form of consumption because you can measure the exact amount of CBD to consume.

How Many Drops Of Oil Is It Advisable To Take?

First, consult with a physician before taking your first CBD oil. 

Whenever a question of doses of consumption arises CBD – It is important to remember that each person is an individual and will react differently to the effects depending on the body’s weight, building personal and health history.

We recommended that all new consumers start at a lower dose ( about -15-20% ), check the effect, and decide whether to add or lower the amount. 

Please note – CBD Is not a drug that produces results in the brief and immediate term but a plant whose effects appear in use over time. Reports describe a time between several days to a week until achieving a result distinctly higher than the CBD’s merits.

Benefits Of CBD Oil Consumption

Oil has potent qualities and has a general effect on the whole body. The oil can be consumed under the tongue or evaporated on a designated (Maeda Vapourizer) adapted for oil evaporation.
Effective in pain relief, anxiety treatment, relief of nausea and vomiting, relief of migraines, and many other benefits
CBD oil is abundant in anti-septic or anti-inflammatory properties
For general treatment, use a CBD oil with a THC concentration of less than 0.2% – it is in the legal range and does not need a medical cannabis license.

Happy Garden undergoes a process of refinement which removes the tantalizing effects and viscous characteristics of oils. As a result, our clients have testified to tasting the wonderful aroma of cannabis and its intoxicating drop


  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we strongly advise you to consult with a doctor/nurse before consuming any CBD products.
  • We prohibit the sale of any of our products to minors.
  • Do not use it in cases of cannabis, CBD, or THC allergy.
  • This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease.
  • Our product contains THC at a concentration of less than 0.2%, within the legal limit.
  • Allergen Information: We package our products in a factory where there may be peanut residue, wheat, soy, or dairy products.

Components: Cannabis oil extract, Cold-pressed coconut oil (MCT), Vitamin E.

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