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CBD Oil For Skin Cancer

CBD might help ease some of the side effects of cancer treatment. Breezen is a top CBD products manufacturer in the market, selling the best CBD for skin cancer to potentially manage the symptoms.

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Best CBD Skin Oil for Skin Cancer: Which Type to Choose for Effective Using?

Skin cancer is a very common form of this disease, with approximately 5.4 million new cases diagnosed each year. Simply put, skin cancer appears when DNA is mutated in one of the three types of cells found on the epidermis: squamous cells, basal cells, and melanocytes. By knowing exactly where the disease started, a specialist can determine what type of skin cancer a patient has, what treatment options are most suitable, and whether it is recommended to use the best CBD skin oil for skin cancer.

The most common causes of skin cancer are overexposure to ultraviolet light from the sun or artificial light in a tanning bed. However, it can also be caused by very light skin, living in a sunny climate, moles, a family history of skin cancer, a weakened immune system, or contact with arsenic and other carcinogenic toxins and chemicals. This article discusses the use of CBD oil for skin cancer.

What Does Research Say about the Best CBD for Skin Cancer?

Various scientific sources claim that cannabis can relieve disease, restore the quality of life for people with skin cancer, and even improve the prognosis for a cure. It was confirmed, for example, by studies conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health, in which mice with skin cancer were administered synthetic cannabinoids for 20 weeks. After this period, it turned out that cannabinoids effectively reduced skin cancer by up to 90% and, what is more, tumor growth was inhibited.

Another report, published in the Journal of Dermatology Investigative, talks about studies of mice with melanoma cells. The mice were given a combination of THC and CBD oil for skin cancer, which successfully destroyed the infected cells. 

One more landmark study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology proves that several cannabinoids, including CBD, appear to have the ability to "turn off" uncontrolled growth of skin cells, which often contributes to the development of skin cancer. The study showed that the best CBD product for skin cancer was the most effective in reducing undesirable DNA activity in human skin cell lines. The authors of this study emphasize that aside from preventing the adverse DNA activity that underlies skin cancer and other skin diseases, phytocannabinoids such as CBD additionally represent a new class of substances that can help eliminate unwanted gene activity. However, this research needs to be continued.

How Does the Best CBD Product for Skin Cancer Help in Using?

The phytocannabinoids in the best CBD product for skin cancer activate the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. The role of this system in cancer physiology is not fully understood yet, but research indicates a multifaceted action:

  • worsening of apoptosis, or "self-eating" of cells that have been severely damaged, infected or mutated;
  • limiting angiogenesis, a process involving the formation of blood vessels that supply cancer cells with oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products;
  • reduction of metastasis, i.e., the spread of neoplastic changes (metastases);
  • the best CBD for skin cancer help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy;
  • cannabinoids reduce nausea and neuropathic pain.

Which Type of CBD Oil for Skin Cancer Is the Most Preferable?

Some people looking for the best CBD for skin cancer wonder whether the whole-plant extract is better than isolated CBD.  Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the substances with the highest concentration found in the cannabis plant. However, cannabis is much more than these two substances. Naturally, there are around 550 different substances in hemp flowers, including cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. Most studies that use whole plant extract or a single substance indicate that the extract is superior.

The described above anti-cancer properties concern just one substance from the cannabinoids group. Researchers are trying to find the best CBD oil on the market for the skin to effectively improve the patient's condition. We should not look at cannabis through the prism of individual compounds but appreciate the healing potential of the entire biochemical mixture.

If you are looking for an effective full-spectrum CBD oil for skin cancer, check the Breezen website. It is an online marketplace where proven manufacturers sell their products. You can choose the proper goods there, using the convenient filters and checking the necessary documents, including certificates and lab reports.

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