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Boost your sales with BREEZEN

BREEZEN is a top EU CBD marketplace. We are looking for exciting brands to join us. Apply today and stay ahead of your competitors.
Become a Seller

Why partner with BREEZEN?

Reach new customers and maximize your revenue
Get access to all our customers without having to spend any money on marketing
Get your brand noticed at no extra fee
Our digital marketing service will get people interested in your products and your brand
No fixed costs and fast payouts
There are no sign up fees when you list your products on Breezen. We work on a commission based model.
No need to store your products in our warehouse
We’ll send orders directly to your back-office, so you will ship products the way you used to.

Features for Brands

Convenient product management & detailed analytics
Easily manage your products and your brand's page. Get consumer analytics and make data-driven decisions.
Real-time communication with customers
Build a stronger connection with your customers by replying personally to any questions and reviews
Use tools to promote your products
Customize your discounts, promo codes and highlight your best products to attract even more attention to your brand

Terms for Brands

Our commission
Subscription / listing fees
7 days

How does it work?

We help you to list your products
We promote your products on BREEZEN marketplace
Your brand gets noticed and a customer purchases of your products
We notify you about the new order and you ship it to the customer
The customer receives the order
BREEZEN transfers money to you every week

How to start?

Tell us more about your brand
We need to understand your brand positioning, your quality controls and the origin of your products.
Be prepared to submit later
We require lab reports for all CBD products.
Send products information
Our dedicated manager will help you to list your products. You will need high quality photos for all your products.

Our partners say

Mark Wright
CEO – Reakiro
BREEZEN is the ideal tool for selling Wellness products. As a result, we have attracted the attention of new customers and increased the recognition of the Reakiro brand.
Vlad Nikitin
CEO – Aifory
We launched a new brand Aifory on the BREEZEN marketplace to test new products and we remained very pleased.
Stuart McKenzie
Head of Sales Goddess Sativa
I recommend BREEZEN for sporting goods as it is in demand now. We have increased sales and will soon launch new brands for sports.
Changes successfully saved!

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